Crown BFR Glute Bands
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Crown BFR Glute Bands

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 Our bands will take your fitness to the next level. These custom fit bands optimize blood flow out of your legs. Blood pools in your muscles, triggering a hormonal response that stimulates tremendous muscle growth, strength, tone, and an increased metabolic rate.

How to use our BFR Bands?
To get the most out of our Crown BFR Bands, wrap the bands around your upper thigh between the glutes and hamstrings. Ensure they are tight but you are still able to move your body around and exercise. It is also important that you wear long tights so that you are not wrapping the band on bare skin, which could get uncomfortable for you and could also cause injuries. 

Choose exercises that are great for the glutes such as squats and hip thrusts, Do higher reps to get maximum benefits and the blood flow restriction would enhance the muscle strength around your gluteus maximus and give you a well-defined booty with consistent occlusion training.